a brief intro


as an aging cycle rebel which , for the most part’ has pretty much stuck 2 fingers up to ‘Cycling fashion’ , i can testify that cycling fashion is cyclical in nature ( pun intended , sort of) .

with that fashion cycle comes consumer demand . at the moment there is a huge upturn in vintage bicycle restoration , renovation and general recycling, most likely as an offshoot of cyclings popularity increasing exponentially as sport, hobby , park larking and general mode of healthy commuting transportation . this leads to people becoming part of a tribe of sorts .

That person you were shouting at in your car on the way to work as ” shoudnt be on the f*****g road ” , or, ” look at this a**e , you dont even pay road tax” or similar , in a heat of the moment kind of way ,, that person is now your equal and all the stiffs in cars with head in hand sat at another set of traffic lights are now somehow missing out . once in the unspoken tribe of wheelmen, or perhaps a more gender neutral wheelperson is way more apt?  you may gain a hunger for more  of these wonderful machines and the lifestyle that invariably accompanies it . this can go in so many directions . from group rides in carefully chosen locations for beginners to full on sportives , fun / novelty rides such as tweed runs http://www.tweedrun.com/  , or on vintage note L’Eroica , which is an event i have yet to attend http://eroicabritannia.co.uk/   , maybe it will come north to Scotland one year .

this huge boom in cycling is wonderful in so many ways , it wasnt all that long ago in the grand scheme of things that the UK government was actively working to shut down cycling in the UK all together . here is a link to Dave Moultons blog on that subject  , http://davesbikeblog.squarespace.com/blog/2007/10/23/history-of-british-cycle-racing-part-i-the-ban.html .

however ( there had to be one ) the upturn is also bad for the cycling consumer , prices have skyrocketed in many ways ,  the eyewatering price of some uber trendy cyclewear is just obscene . i cant knock folks for wanting a certain look on the bike as am guilty of having a certain if rather odd desire to only wear certain clothes when on the bike for a proper ride  .

this all kinda takes to the point of this intro , cycling breaks down a lot of life barriers , the social brainwashing we all suffer from becomes absolutely defunkt when you are whiping along a toe path or gravely fire road where there are only 3 things in the world that matter  , You ,your bike and the now .


be who you are and f**k convention , but afford others the same


your bike

anything but make sure its safe and reliable


the moment

we only get a limited amount


above is one of my bikes

it was made in 1950 , all the parts are old stock and recycled /repaired vintage parts . its a higgins ultralite , repainted at some point in a very Italian (see maglia rossa) pink . more on this bike in another post .

the above bike sort of led me to write this blog of dullness but if even one person gets even moments interest from it ,that will do .

using vintage bikes everyday .

even though i own a few more modern bikes i genuinely prefer these vintage machines in every way . they are ridden on all terrains and i must admit i get some sort of joy out of riding on what is considered by many to be mountain bike trails . the look on faces as i roll by on shiny ,skinny wheeled vintage road racing bikes is grand .

this blog will meander around the cycling subject as much as i do when out for slow roll about .

thanks for stopping by 20170411_192604


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