Wish you were here

Cycle paths ,  a relatively new phenomenon and for us that cycle, a very welcome one.

Hardly a month goes by that i dont have an ‘ oh , a new path i never saw before’ moments while out and about . The investment by various initiatives and fund sources is not inconsiderable. Sadly a lot of that funding is lost to the administration and planning of such facilities . I know first hand just how much funding is misappropriated.  Not in a criminally devicive way but, funds are granted then projects are delayed by often pointless and petty interference ,  these delays can have funding used up on other projects in the juggling act needed to run a social initiative or suchlike .20160508_160520_002


It is a fantastic thing to have the ability to go out on a bike and within 10 minutes be away from traffic and the relentless urban white noise of modern life , when suddenly surrounded by an environment that is far more fitting of the human condition a wave of freedom or reinvigoration is instilled within . A reminder that you are actually more than a work and tax robot or technology slave .

The union canal is now a truly superb place , very busy but nice .


Many cyclists now use it as a commuter route and travel at too high a speed . I do travel at high speed for as long as i can see no pedestrians . As soon as i see those on the hoof i roll it back . While this method adds a few minutes to a 5 mile commute its worth leaving a few minutes early to prevent the heated yells or possible accidents usually accompanied by a yell and followed by a rather inconvenient ‘splash.  Just try to slow up around others and try not to use headphones if you easily get a fright everytime a cyclist passes you as you couldn’t hear their bell .

There are also outdoor activities hubs for watersports etc that also have distracted kids meandering onto the path oblivious to the student en route to uni or shift worker pedaling home after a hard day . This applies to all the cycle paths at rush hour or shift change times .

Above is a pic which is indicative of the uptake of cycle routes as commuting routes and proof that if the infrastructure is there ,people will use it . This also benefits car drivers as it takes cars off the roads which reduces jams and stress for car drivers which of course knocks on to the rest of us . I must say i have noticed a change for the better in car drivers , generally more courtesy and old school driving etiquette rather than the kill or be killed mind set of the 90s .

At the river almond at cramond. A real beauty spot

Cycle paths ! Get out and explore them .


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