don’t try to roll the stone again , someone has already done that

hardly a cycling related post , but on this sunday I feel like sharing my view on the bewildering need for some folks to worship false idols .

easter ,, the great day of chocolate consumption and gathering of like ‘minds’  to petition the grand architect of all we behold .

Christianity has shown itself to be one of the greatest proponents of hatred and separation I have experienced , just a few months ago I watched a guy on his way into a Christian church scream abuse at a transgender woman across the street . how wonderfully hypocritical of him , I bet that poor trans woman felt great as one of jesus followers filled her with anger and fear , such is the state of the conqueror’s religion  .

I would wager that most of the middle east is really grateful for all those bombs that are sanctioned by a Christian god . all those gay people in Russia will be loving the stomp of boot and whack of club to the head  , after all it comes with the love of god , right ?

you see we all have the potential to be god like and devil like , forget your silly books of righteousness and contradiction the were written by men to divide mankind into sect’s . they serve only the devil in us all as it induces an ego driven sense that only ‘your group’ has the architect on their side , the universe is a binary place that is trying to find balance and we are that force personified . all the tales of religion are there only to influence and manipulate your behaviour , when you live by the tales are you really free to see any others point of existence with true empathy ?? of course not . its nothing more than a state of bondage to another pyramid scheme ,, yes its a con job , all of it !!!

have faith but place it in mankind and your own consciousness as that was given by the universal architect , not some oddball in a posh frock that talks ‘down’ to you from a pulpit in a building that casts a fortune to run while people starve .

its time to pull the foundation stones from the pyramid of lies and extortion that is religion .


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