Moving the bosses

Around a year ago i had to do some renovation work on the Vindec . I use the vindec name only because of the story that came with the bike . It was said that this frame along with a few more were bespoke made by Hobbs of barbican for a team that Brown Bros assembled to race on Vindec branded ( vindec was a brown bros brand) bikes in the post war UK races of the time such as the tour of Britain.  I cannot find any trace of this on the web or via the older chaps that were around at the time in the early 50s .

I have some pics of the frame as i got it and the decals were one off vindec decals including a fancy headtube transfer . All vindecs of the period had metal head badges!

So ,  it could well be true.

It was cracked at both headlugs but not irreparably so . I use a simple mapp powered turbo torch and good old bronze rod to sort the head joints ,  while i was at it i literally chucked some dia compe bosses on it to see what it would be like . I have heard much about the effects on the mafac racer when braze on mounted . Even with the bad alignment it was revelatory , , then added a cable bridge ,then made an Elrick saddlebag support.

I am about to prep the old flyweight ( it is unfathomably light weight ) for paint so seized the opertunity to move and correct the boss position .

They have been dropped 12mm and realigned them . Still a good bit of clean up to do.

More on this whole renovation on another post soon


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