veloflex master 25c tyres

” something in rubber ‘ for madam ”

tyres , they are kind of essential for bicycles .  i have tried many and found quite a few of those to be ‘wanting’ in one way or another,  for some its puncture resistance , other s its grip, ride feel (suppleness) ,rolling resistance and weight . very few clincher or open type tyres i have ever tried can truly pull off the old tubular feel .

the veloflex master 25 is one such tyre . i am 12 stone , around 77 kg , running 95 psi in the rear and 90psi front they are a very comfortable tyre for less than perfect roads , they roll a lot faster than a continental grand prix . i tested this with a friend , we rolled down a 100 yard 4% gradient having shots each of both bikes and the veloflex tyre reached the bottom 8 seconds faster . thats a big difference for a tyre change alone and over  a long ride will bring a real advantage .

they are very high quality , are they worth the full rrp ? im not sure , i bought them on sale as they looked really nice on my higgins but it was the ride feel that really took me by surprise . 

while fitting them was a real handful , and care should be taken as the manufacturer specifies no tyre levers should be used, ,  they do give if you keep working them , wear snug fitting full finger cycling gloves , as i said it states not to use tyre levers so the gloves allow you to roll the bead on a little at a time with minimal hand shredding and, eventially they will pop on. this is easier second time you fit the tyre after a puncture for instance as the bead will stretch .

i have yet to get a puncture (touches wood ) but did remove them to fit lightweight tubes . no gloves needed this time . the tyre construction is extremely fine , the bead bonding is the neatest i have ever seen and the carcass and tread really do look like they were lifted straight from a very fine tubular .

they run extremely true and no settling time or extra seating was needed . double check you rim tape is the correct width and thickness for the rim , it really is important on some rims as the bead hook recess can be quite shallow and if the rim strip is to wide or thick the tyre can blow off as they are inflated because the bead is effectively rendered too big to lock in .

issues . none apart from sizes , these tyres made in a 27″ x 1″ or 27″ x 1 1/8″ would be spectacular on all those old British hand made light weights ,  like wise 650b or 26″ x 1 1/2″ old french standard would be a top seller in the randonneur  market . i havent been caught in the rain yet but have read reports that they are prone to punctures in such weather due to small glass and flint debris being held to the tread by the water surface tension so some flint catchers are advised . i will detail how to make them real easily from a couple of old spokes and some 1.5mm bore pvc hose . sort of like these tiresavers88

you can see lots of variations  HERE too .


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