the auld alliance


in these times of endless propaganda and outright tyranny , we can only try to use the democratic process . futile and utterly impotent as it is , its all we have .

those who sit in camps or sides of the current Brexit all have reasons to sit in place of choice . I am all for an exit , as I was for an independent Scotland .

ease up and read on to understand that statement and also its place in a blog site about vintage bicycles .

way back before the second world war there was a wee cycle shop in Glasgow ran by a Frenchman called Davie Rattray  . he embraced Scotland as Scotland embraced him . here is a page dedicated to what he and the Scottish locals built , rattrays  .

we simply dont need more government to allow us to work together and trade together , in fact we need less , far less , we need to get out of the huge bureaucratic nightmare that the EU central government had become in the same way scotland needs to get away from westminster . Note i wrote westminster not england , i have no desire to be a nationalist muppet or a unionist muppet for that matter . you see i am a human being of planet earth who has a scottish identity . i expect you to also be a person of planet earth with your own national identity . we can disagree about stuff while accepting that disagreement should never be enough to induce a hatred for anyone who happens to be of the same national identity as those we disagree with .

to offer a simpler more colloquial rendition , there are assholes and good guys of all walks of life , its the endemic assholes that cause all the problems .

Bicycles had national identities too  , french , italian , british , dutch , german ,, they were all very distinct and oozed character and , yes, even a national identity , now we live in an indestict and dull hotchpotch . back before the EU we could get a bike from abroad and it would be deliberately taxed to the extent it would become bad value ,however it would still be distinctly Italian or French. this taxation was for one purpose , to keep money in nations by forcing you to buy from your own while subliminally being somehow brainwashed into believing only ours was best and all else is in some way undesirable purely because of its home origins identity  . this was a ludicrous way of operating so the EU trade system looked pretty great , at last you could get a real italian bike at a price at least some could aspire to .

the only people holding back trade was those who impose the tax , the crown corporation , a filthy greedy outfit of leaches and parasites which imposes its theft with the justification that it can control the standard and quality of goods coming in and going out . its actually just a gang that holds your goods to ransom   .

there is no reason for any import export taxation other than extortion . free global trade is whats needed , it would eliminate any country having a better deal than another , the product its maker and the consumer will decide what sells and what wont . at this time we have stuff that is brought in or exported not through demand , its forced in, despite it being of lower quality . the EU has systematically killed off all its member states independent industry including the cycle industries,,  effectively removing the grass roots, revealing baron dirt which, without the dense carpet of small independent makers of quality’ production soon becomes fallow and the endless rain of importation soon leaches out all ability to grow . Understand, it wasnt far eastern manufacture that simply stole our industry , they just picked up the slack to fill a void of the burgioning consumer demand and did it cheaper to an acceptable standard . 

take it back , start miniscule garden shed manufacturing , be proud of your nationality while loving the other nations , celebrate difference and tolerance for it , it makes the world far more interesting , turn your anger and frustration on the ones who keep fucking it all up , the politicians and banksters who benefit most from manipulating social structures , they are all assholes .


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